[Behind the Scenes] Creating an Efficient PKM System Using Obsidian| Video/Article Production ep1 — ep10

Amy Li
5 min readNov 24, 2022
Photo by Amy Li. Location: Netherlands. https://unsplash.com/photos/Ue7rXac10EM

Nov 13, 2022 — present

Follow up on this article for the weekly update on my project — Building an Efficient PKM System Using Obsidian, a dynamic and active workspace to capture, process, manage and take actions on your knowledge.

It’s a continually exploring and producing process…let’s see how far I could go…


The roles played by VIM, Markdown, Dataview, …

master these gradients first and integrate them into a comprehensive PKM system eventually. ..continue updating…

Nov 13, 2022

001_The Top Reason That I Like Obsidian — Unlock the Power of Vim

Sketching ideas

Handwritten notes for 001

Scripting the Content

Left: scripting 001 in Obsidian. Right: prepare the shots from different angles.

Editing the Video

Editing 001 in Final Cut Pro.


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